Shakedown Street – Grateful Dead Tribute at Aggie Theatre

Shakedown Street - Grateful Dead Tribute Tickets

Aggie Theatre | Fort Collins, Colorado

With spectacular performances from an talented cast, astounding music, glittering costumes and a flawless set, Anastasia is set to astonish you! Buy your seats now for a production at the gorgeous Aggie Theatre on Saturday 21st January 2023. Treasured by people all around the world, and called,“ A SERIOUS HIT! By critics, it features all the favorite songs from the original film including “Journey to the Past” and “Once Upon a December.” This really is the best time for you to be seeing it, so bring the whole family out for an exceptional night to remember!

Shakedown Street - Grateful Dead Tribute at Aggie Theatre

Are you excited to be at on of the most incredible concerts of 2023? This is the place to get access! You must've already heard the legendary Shakedown Street – Grateful Dead Tribute is back on the road this winter, its all anybody is talking about these days! Critics have given it the once over and agreed it's a real action packed event. You'll be lost in the music and fuzzy atmosphere of the crowd, it's going to be one astonishing evening for everyone in attendance! On this occasion the astounding Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins, Colorado will be holding this huge concert, and it really will make your night before the music even kicks off, when you're safe in the knowledge that its a really exceptional venue, with your every need catered for. Saturday 21st January 2023 should be in the calendar! Tickets are flying out! You want to know how to get access to this wild night out? Well leave it too long and you'll miss it! Action the buy button to purchase a set!

Shakedown Street - Grateful Dead Tribute at Aggie Theatre

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