Aggie Theatre

Ever since it’s opened to the public, Aggie Theatre has been a consistent source of fun for music lovers from across the world. From it’s home in Fort Collins, Colorado, it’s played host to some of the biggest events in music, comedy, and special events.

But you might not know about Aggie Theatre’s incredible history.


The original building was built in 1906 and was home to a furniture store and movie theater. The venue remained like this for nearly 90 years until The Aggie then transitioned into a concert venue in 1995. Since then, it played host to a variety of acclaimed groups, and has regularly drawn in long lines in Old Town even on the coldest Colorado nights.

In 2016 and 2017 risk assessments, the venue was named the most dangerous structure in Old Town since it had a high potential for loss of life if a fire ever started. Though the building did meet code standards, it lacked a lot of safety features that more modern buildings had. And this was on top of being a venue that served alcohol, which meant the potential for accidents from drunken guests.

But the owners were determined to make the Aggie a safe and healthy place for entertainment.

So the building was equipped with fire sprinklers and security was shifted from an in-house staff to a professional security company that had employees trained in CPR and other potential emergency situations. The owners further committed to safety by refusing to over-serve guests as well as ensuring that staff was well-rested between opening nights. 

After this, the venue improved with a better lighting rig, better stage curtains, and band room improvements to make the venue a more welcome one to visiting performers.

All this shows that The Aggie is always working to being the best venue for a music-loving community.

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