Ten Years Gone at Aggie Theatre

Ten Years Gone Tickets

Aggie Theatre | Fort Collins, Colorado

Ten Years Gone

Save the date on Friday 28th June 2024 and wait in suspense for an awe-inspiring concert of unlimited pop-rock prowess — Ten Years Gone LIVE at the Aggie Theatre! This June, an astounding evening of danceable tunes and headbanging music is coming your way, fronted by some of the unrivaled artists from your playlist. Move along to the trendiest tracks from a chart-topping discography, and let the contagiously dynamic energy flow through your body as the concert kicks off at high-speed. A genuine tastemaker acclaimed by fans and critics alike, our award-winning main act promises audiences an incredible live music event overflowing with their newest viral hits and Platinum-selling favorites. Previous performances have been rated “two thumbs up,” so come on, join the hype, and pop-rock and roll with your friends like there’s no tomorrow! Aggie Theatre, Colorado’s premier entertainment destination, will elevate the upcoming concert with its stylish stage and state-of-the-art sound systems. Click the link above and get your tickets soon!

Buckle up to be blown out of orbit as the exciting sounds of pop-rock music take center stage! This Friday 28th June 2024, meet with us here in Colorado’s Fort Collins for a Friday you’ll treasure forever as the second to none Ten Years Gone detonates LIVE at the premier Aggie Theatre! This highly anticipated event is part of an expansive trek across major cities in North America, presenting a lineup of this year’s HOTTEST superstars on one stage to take you on one hell of a journey through their award-winning collection of hits.

“Stellar performances all around! I was expecting an amazing show just based on the lineup, but that was SOMETHING else!”

The second to none Ten Years Gone isn’t just your usual live music event — it’s a POP-ROCK EXTRAVAGANZA that exhibits the very best the industry has in store!

Taste the electricity in the air as a full-piece band begins the show with a chord-shredding riff! And then, witness as our headlining acts take over with powerhouse performances of their freshest tracks that broke into the #1 spots on Billboard music charts. Fans and critics alike acknowledge our headliners as top-notch trailblazers with an ear for resounding beats, thought-provoking lyrics, and catchy harmonies. Perky pop tunes clash with fierce rock music this summer, transforming into a sheer sonic experience that is both dance-worthy and high-octane. Our forthcoming concert’s setlist will play hand-selected songs from our singer’s Platinum-selling career, teeming with award-winning singles and fan-favorite Spotify classics. Savor the refreshing energy, move to the breathlessly belted hooks, but most of all, leave your worries behind and enjoy a euphoric evening of rousing music.

The Aggie Theatre, with its state-of-the-art acoustics and breathtaking ambiance, presents the ideal backdrop for this musical spectacle. As the lights beam and the first beats drop, you'll find yourself submerged in a realm where time stands frozen, where every note makes you move to the boisterous rhythms, and adrenaline floods the very air.

Don’t pass up on this rare chance! Tickets for the show are limited, so click the link above to book your reservations today for Ten Years Gone this Friday 28th June 2024 LIVE at the Aggie Theatre!

Ten Years Gone at Aggie Theatre

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