The Fretliners & Buffalo Commons at Aggie Theatre

The Fretliners & Buffalo Commons Tickets

Aggie Theatre | Fort Collins, Colorado

For Bluegrass parties, of course, there's no place like Aggie Theatre but you already knew that, right? Now, on Thursday 16th February 2023, The Fretliners will take place, and it will showcase a who's who of the game. The superb vocal harmonies and fast tempos of the songs will have you completely glad you came. The Blue Grass Boys, led by Bill Monroe, would have been incredibly pleased with such an event. Along with the event, it's certain that you'll have the time of your life in Fort Collins, thanks to the excellent services available there. Tickets won't be available for long, especially for something this exciting, so if you want to reserve yourself a position, you should buy them right away. Don't dither, or somebody else may quickly take the opportunity before you do.

The Fretliners & Buffalo Commons  at Aggie Theatre

From its humble beginnings in the 1940s, Bluegrass has been entertaining fans around the world and now this The Fretliners on Thursday 16th February 2023 is coming to Aggie Theatre. This concert will truly be something that all the real bluegrass fans will be at. It will have all the hallmarks associated with the genre, from the fast-paced cascading tunes, the "buckdancing, flatfooting and clogging" right down to the outright storytelling. Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys would have been tremendously proud of such a function. The only real challenge will be trying to get all the patrons out of the event because they won’t want to leave. You will surely have the time of your life and of course, Fort Collins in Colorado will have all the best facilities to make sure you have the most fantastic time ever. Trust us when we tell you, nothing will make you happier. There will be nothing sadder than you not being at The Fretliners so to avoid disappointment, be sure to grab your tickets here before somebody else beats you to it and enjoys all the festivities at Aggie Theatre.

The Fretliners & Buffalo Commons  at Aggie Theatre

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